5 Top Business Networking Articles | Week of September 2, 2013

Top Picks on Networking, Social Media and Personal Branding for Professional Services

Happy Labor Day to all my colleagues in the U.S.! Every week I discover great articles and resources from my social media friends and online sites. Here are some terrific ones you may have missed. Hope you enjoy them, and please let me know what you think.

Smart Networking Blog: 5 Top Business Networking Articles | Week of September 2, 2013

How to Get Meetings with People Too Busy to See You by Steve Blank

(LinkedIn) Don’t you just hate having your “brain picked?” Most people do. And offering a hit of caffeine even in a venti size is not inducement enough.

Social Media Success Top 5 Takeaways [Video]

Social media expert Dabney Porte

Top Takeaways from My Interview with Social Media Expert Dabney Porte

Think social media is a waste of time? Or that you don’t need it? So many business professionals are struggling to make sense of the ever-changing world of social media. There are a multitude of platforms, tools and opinions on how best to use it.

On my Smart Networking Shift series, I interviewed social media and online relationship specialist Dabney Porte, often called “Ms. Manners of Social Media,” who helped set the record straight for newbies and experts alike.

In a hurry? Here are my Top 5 Takeaways in a nutshell:

How To Get More Referrals: Interview with Bob Burg


Liz Lynch Interviews Bob Burg On How to Get More Referrals The Go-Giver Way

You know you need to market yourself in order to grow your client base and increase your income. But how do you do that effectively without being “sales-y”? It’s all about building relationships the right way and expanding your base of supporters.

This month, I’m honored to interview my friend Bob Burg, a sought after corporate speaker and bestselling co-author of The Go-Giver.  Bob will discuss his 5 counter-intuitive laws that will accelerate your success with getting more referrals.

Conversation is a Numbers Game

AskLiz-MiamiI hope you had a great January! Short newsletter this week, but I wanted to let you in on a couple of things…

First, I would LOVE your help on a new video series I am launching called “Ask Liz Lynch.” After taking an extended hiatus from video, I’m now back in full force! I’ll be dipping into the mailbag of questions I get every day about how to build relationships effectively in person and online, and how to convert those relationships to revenues. It would be great to hear from you on any questions you have, or any ideas for questions you think I should cover.

4 Ways to Be Well Armed for Growth

oahmOne of the things I worried about when I left my cushy corporate job 12 years ago to start my own consulting firm was being able to balance the time required to serve clients and promote myself enough to attract new ones.

It seemed like there was an overwhelming number of things to do — launch a website, build a network, publish articles, and on and on. It was hard to know where to focus, what to do next and what would really work.

Of all the things you think you need, there are really four that matter most. Read about them in my newest article:

Special TRAINING Call – November 28th, 2012


“From Trusted Advisor to Thriving Rainmaker: 21st Century Strategies for Consultants, CPAs and Financial Planners”

Join me on Wednesday, November 28th at Noon ET (9am PT) when I’ll be revealing my strategies to help PROFESSIONAL SERVICES FIRMS build relationships that convert to revenues…

Are you getting clients online?

  • Only 15% of professional service firms generate at least 40% of their leads online, according to a study by the Hinge Research Institute.
  • However, those who do enjoy growth rates of almost 30 percentage points higher than their less active peers!

Get More Time Back in Your Day


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This month’s Shift…
“Raise the Level of Your Personal Performance and Get More Time Back In Your Day”

Wouldn’t it be great to face your work day with ease, deliver better-than-expected results, and have time to do all you need instead of constantly “fighting fires?”

Are you tired of unproductive meetings and wasteful processes?

Are you overwhelmed and missing important connections?

Drive-By Networking and Other Connection Disconnects

In my weekly call last week with one of my mastermind groups, a colleague shared the results of a very successful meeting he had with a potential prospect. To celebrate his triumph, the group got into a discussion about the factors that led to the positive response he got, and one of the things we uncovered is that he didn’t bring a notebook to the meeting.
Now, for someone who likes to take notes, that idea seemed very foreign to me. But then I realized if I’m busy writing, I’m not listening. Or rather, I’m listening, but I’m not really listening.
In other words, when my eyes are looking down on my note pad, they’re not looking at the person — their facial expressions, the little gestures that hold so much more of the meaning of their words than the actual words themselves. And with my brain working to connect what I hear with what I write, I’m standing apart in my own world trying to meet my own objectives, rather than joining them fully in theirs.


This got me thinking about other barriers we inadvertently put up when we try to make genuine connections and win people over whether in a sales call, networking event or other face-to-face meeting.
Take drive-by networking as an example…
Have you run across folks at networking events who seem more interested in handing out as many business cards as possible than having actual conversations? Is it just me, or is that the equivalent of them putting a flyer under the windshield of every car in the parking lot?

“Monetize Your Expertise” Priority Notification

Video Mini-Lesson: The Power of Positioning

I’ve been talking a lot about positioning this week for a course I started teaching, and it’s such a key component of making your marketing and your networking work, that I decided to put together a quick video to share some of the concepts.
It was also an opportunity to experiment with different teaching methods and this is my first attempt with video using Camtasia. I have to say that it was pretty intuitive and I’ll likely be doing more with it in the future.
What tools do you like to use to help get your point across? Please click here to leave comments and share your ideas. I’m always on the lookout for ways to do things smarter, faster, better. Thanks for your input!