What People are Saying



“So Delighted With the Outcome”

“The leaders in our organization drew inspiration from your point of view and I believe we will all be better off with increased networking skills. Thank you very much for the splendid discussion.”
—Pat Summers, Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources, Jacobs Engineering Group

“You Got Great Reviews!”

“Your ‘speed networking’ exercise gave our members a wonderful opportunity to learn key skills and practice them while having a chance to talk to others in the room. You were highly rated by all the participants. I will refer additional corporate clients to you in the near future”
—Bonnie Wong, President, Asian Women in Business

 “Timely and Pertinent”

“Your presentation was timely and pertinent for our group. In these competitive times for our industry, learning to network and market ourselves personally is a critical key not only for success, but for survival. Everyone was impressed, and I’m grateful for the positive impression and useful knowledge you imparted on our members and guests. You received the highest ratings.”
—Will Rico, President, Independent Computer Consultants Association

“Terrific Presenter”

“I really enjoyed your presentation yesterday. It had a lot of points I hadn’t considered, and a great refresher on others. You’re a terrific presenter also, which makes the information a lot easier to digest and remember. I can’t wait to sit down and read your book, and I’m excited about the possibility of using it for our younger members.”
—Roberta Gorman, Membership Program Manager, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Audience Members:

“Your Talk Stimulated Me To FOCUS”

“I really enjoyed your talk! I have been networking and learning from mentors for some time now, but your talk stimulated me to focus on a new set of “contacts” for a goal I had been ignoring. Thanks for that!”
—Jan Love, IBM Systems and Technology Group

“Information was INVALUABLE”

“Thank you so much for the information you shared with us yesterday at the Texas Conference for Women in Austin, TX. It was fabulous to hear you speak at the networking seminar, and it was great to meet you in person. I plan on using every single tip you gave us. I thank you for your inspiration, encouragement, and generosity for sharing networking tips…the information was invaluable.”
—Rosalind Juko, SendOutCards

“Made PROMISING Connections”

“I just wanted to thank you again for an informative and interesting presentation. You gave me much to think about, and I am pleased to say that I have followed up with four of the most promising connections I made, and with two of them, I proposed resources that I think may be of benefit to them. It felt good. Many thanks again. I look forward to continuing to learn from your resources.”
—Jennifer C. Jackson, Life Coach, Transformation InSight

“Very Informative and In Steps I Can Manage”

“I really enjoyed your networking seminar. I was expecting the message to be ‘get over your fears and just do it.’ Instead I found it to be very informative and broken down into steps that I think (still a little fear there) I can manage. Thank you.”
—Andrea Allard, AEAinkComputer Consulting

“Creating RESULTS in My Life”

“After your seminar, I definitely see the great value of what you have to say because little did I know, several points I learned have already been creating good results in my life. So I want to thank you for sharing your experience and expertise.”
—Yu Yan, New York City

“It’s All Very Possible!”

“I’m new to small business and it’s all pretty daunting, but your seminar left me feeling that it’s also all very possible!”
—Gladys Kravitz, Gstar Consulting Services