Corporate Programs

Live Training Programs for Professional Service Firms

Being comfortable with building and leveraging relationships is essential for success in today’s world. While networking comes naturally to some, others need more specific advice on how to get started, and more importantly, how to maximize results.

Working through a structured program led by a networking expert and former “big-firm consultant” has enormous tangible benefits for both participants and the firm.

Benefits for participants:

  • Increased confidence and ease with networking in person and online
  • Greater effectiveness in interactions with business and personal contacts
  • Stronger relationships with clients, business partners and peers
  • No stress (or excuses) in incorporating networking into their schedules

Benefits for the firm:

  • Greater participation from staff with a robust, structured program
  • Increase in number of new business opportunities identified
  • Shorter sales chyle and decreased competition for new business
  • Greater revenues and profits

Training programs are often a mix of presentations, exercises and role plays, and can be customized to half-days, full days or a series of sessions. Below is a sample half-day agenda:

  • Overview of Smart Networking Principles
  • Identifying Your Existing Network
  • Networking Conversations and Connecting Face-to-Face
  • Connecting Online: Social Networking Strategies
  • Developing Your 90-Day Smart Networking Success Plan

Professional service firms often say that people are their greatest asset. If you’re ready to tap into the potential of your people and their relationships to generate more business for your firm,  contact Liz to schedule a no cost, no obligation conversation.

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