Business Development Consulting

For Exceptional Professionals Only

Does this describe you?

You’re a professional service provider who is great at what you do and know that NOW is the time to kick your revenues into higher gear. But you want to be sure you have the right strategies in place to capture more clients in a time-effiicient way that plays to your strengths and minimizes your vulnerabilities.

Here’s what I do

While the majority of my time is spent speaking to groups and leading corporate programs, at any one time, I do provide business development coaching to a very small number of exceptional individuals. We work together to:

  • Position themselves to attract ideal clients who value their expertise and are ready to buy
  • Become more prominent and visible in their field to generate more opportunities
  • Develop powerful strategic partnerships that keep their pipeline filled

When appropriate, I also make introductions to influencers and decision makers in my network to help clients accelerate their goals.

Here’s how it works

We start with an initial consultation, usually a 30-minute phone conversation so I can learn more about your business, what you’ve already done, and where you’d like to go. We’ll then discuss which coaching options would work best for you:

  • Some clients are looking for a quick hit of strategic advice and planning, and therefore, a full or half-day LIVE intensive is perfect
  • Others are looking for ongoing access and accountability, and opt for a 6-month or longer phone coaching package
  • For premium clients, we’ll combine both LIVE intensives and phone coaching for optimum results

This initial consultation is complimentary, but take note, it’s appropriate only for those who are actively seeking a solution and ready to make an investment in time and finances. If you are still at the initial stages of figuring out IF you want to do something, this consultation is NOT for you.

My coaching style is all about giving my very best advice and insight, being very direct and straightforward, and always pushing for massive action. You see, there is just no room to be wishy-washy. You have to be confident about what you offer and ready to move your business forward TODAY. If this is you, let’s talk.

How to get started

Send an email to [email protected] to request a consultation.


Client testimonials

Marta Aldriedge, Big Picture Reps, Dallas, TX

MartaAldriedge“Liz is an incredible coach. Working with her has been tremendously valuable and beneficial for me and my business. This was an investment in my own development, one that will pay off for the rest of my life.”

“When I signed on to be a private coaching client, I had never done anything with that level of commitment, but I knew it was the right next step to take my business to the next level faster and smarter. Liz was there as someone I could vent to, but also who could stir me to action. In all cases, I came away from our sessions reinvigorated and ready to face the uncomfortable decisions a business owner has to deal with, while being reminded to celebrate the every day successes that were happening. One of the tools Liz helped me create during one of our meetings is something I refer to again and again whenever I need to refocus. I can’t thank her enough for all she did to make my business successful!”

Will Rico, Common Mind LLC, Boston, MA

Will Rico 2“I have rarely met anyone with Liz’s intelligence and insight into business strategy. I was nervous about change before working with her, but she brought clarity to a confusing business challenge.”

“Shifting direction after 10 years in business was nerve racking. That said, I knew I needed to make a change and I knew Liz was the exact person to help put a strategy in place. In addition to having a detailed agenda, it was clear she had studied the spreadsheets and financial data that I had shared. She helped me narrow my service offerings down to those where I can provide the most value and generate the most income. She helped me set an income goal and realistic sales requirements. She also helped me take a full inventory of our company’s assets and put a plan in place on how to leverage those assets for my new direction.”