5 Top Business Networking Articles | Week of January 13, 2014

Top Picks on Business Networking, Social Media and Personal Branding for Professional Services

Week after week I discover great articles and resources from around the web. Here are my latest picks. Hope you enjoy them and please share with friends and colleagues if you do!

5 Top Business Networking and Social Media Articles

How to Use Social Media to Make Sales by Jacquelyn Smith (@jacquelynvsmith)

(Forbes) “An integral part of the sales process is getting to know your prospects and establishing relationships — and it turns out that social media can help you accomplish this quickly and easily.”

5 Top Business Networking Articles | Week of October 14, 2013

Top Picks on Business Networking, Social Media and Personal Branding for Professional Services

Week after week I discover great articles and resources from around the web. Here are my top picks for the week. Hope you enjoy them and please share with friends and colleagues if you do!

5 Top Business Networking Articles | Week of October 14, 2013

The Case Against Business Introductions by Todd Wasserman

(Mashable) An intro might help you get the meeting, but will it help you make the sale?

Power Scripts to Skyrocket Sales

Did you miss my interview with Wendy Weiss, the Queen of Cold Calling, when she stopped by the Smart Networking Inner Circle in December?

If you did, you won’t want to miss THIS.
Wendy is a master at building relationships and making sales over the phone. I know what you’re thinking…the phone?!? Haven’t we moved everything online? Actually, no. 
Online may be the place that connections start, the place where people first hear of you, where their curiosity is aroused, and where they may start their research. But if you’re going to do business together of any substance beyond a single transaction, you’ll need to have a live conversation
Wendy has proven, practical strategies for EVERY step of the sales process, from identifying decision makers and leaving compelling voice mails, to the best way to use email and how to handle objections, all in a way that is authentic, effective, and not at all sales-y.

Picture 6.png

This week, she released her brand new sales guide, The Sales Winner’s Handbook: Essential Scripts and Strategies to Skyrocket Sales Performance, filled with tools and techniques to help you:
  • Qualify prospects

Think or Sink — Take Control of What You CAN Change

I’ve been taking a long look lately at how people make choices — about how they spend their time, how they spend their money, how they pick their goals — and whether they are really thinking through the situation or simply just reacting.
In my experience, I’ve found that many people overestimate the control they have over events and other people (and the control that events and other people have over them!), while severely underestimating the control they have over themselves
Sure, the economy is tough and unemployment is at its highest levels. And sure, there’s a lot of uncertainty about where things are headed and when they’ll get better. But focusing on situations that we can’t change, like how the economy is performing, does nothing but bring on stress. In the meantime, we don’t put our energies around what we CAN change, like our actions.

Think Sink JAN FINAL FRONT.jpg

We can get more knowledge and information, we can get more help, we can take smaller steps (or bigger ones), anything that gets us moving in a forward direction instead of spiraling out of control. 
If you don’t know where to begin, then I recommend Gina Mollicone-Long’s latest book, Think or Sink: The One Choice that Changes Everything. Rather than a book about WHAT to think, it’s a book about HOW to think, and particularly, how to manage your own thoughts and emotions to manage stressful situations much more confidently
Gina has been transforming lives for over a decade and she claims that she’s never seen a problem that couldn’t be solved in 12 hours or less. For less than $15 you can learn her techniques and make a difference in your life. 

Nancy Ancowitz, author of Self-Promotion for Introverts, on Smart Networking Radio (Tuesday, 1/19 7pm ET)

In today’s tough economy and ruthlessly competitive job market, nobody can afford to go unnoticed. Too often, introverts get passed over while their chattier — although not necessarily more gifted — colleagues get the jobs and the promotions.

Thumbnail image for 51ZQ3EWVu0L._SL160_.jpg

But it doesn’t have to be that way, according to business communication coach Nancy Ancowitz, author of an excellent new book called Self-Promotion for Introverts. Step-by-step she shows you how to find your voice, jump start your visibility, promote yourself without bragging, and use your introverted preferences to your advantage.
If you’ve ever worried that being an introvert has kept you from getting hired, getting promoted, or getting clients for your business, make Nancy’s book your bible for overcoming obstacles and crafting a plan to get the recognition you deserve.
As an introvert myself, I agree with Nancy that it doesn’t have to be a liability, and in fact, it can be a great asset. So I’m thrilled that on Tuesday, January 19th, she’ll be joining me on Smart Networking Radio to share sage advice to help introverts learn how to succeed with their own style.
She may even spill a few secrets she learned from HR and leadership experts such as uber investor Warren Buffett, basketball star Magic Johnson, Hearst Magazines president Cathie Black, former president Bill Clinton, and marketing guru Seth Godin.

We’ll have the chat room open and you can submit your questions or call in live via phone. See you there!

Date: Tuesday, January 19th
Time: 7pm Eastern

(the archive will be available here after the show if you can’t join us live)

Call in number: 347-215-7546

“Am I the Only SANE ONE Working Here?” (New Book)

With all the pressure corporations are under these days to
maintain profits in the face of a troubled economy, it’s not surprising that
some of the people who work inside might be acting out in rebellious and
unprofessional ways.

I’m really feeling for my corporate colleagues who have to
put up with some nutty behavior.
After all, when you work on a huge project
that has operating expenses of $8 million a year and generates incremental
revenues of only $600,000, for example, you know heads will roll and you don’t
want yours to be one of them.

On Twitter, Could Quality Equal Quantity?

As one of the first guys to talk about online networking with the release of The Virtual Handshake in 2003, Scott Allen is someone I listen to very seriously when it comes to social media. So when he wrote 5 Reasons You Need LOTS of Twitter Followers NOW on his blog last week, I sat up and took notice.

How to Launch a New Career in Any Economy: Liz Lynch Interviews Career Coach Annemarie Segaric (Live Teleseminar)

Do you want to change careers but feel stuck because you’re not sure what you want or if this is really the best time to make a move? Join me Wednesday, March 4 on the Smart Networking Teleseminar Series when I interview Annemarie Segaric, author of Step Into the Right Career and founder of The Career Changer Company on the topic of…
* * How to Launch a New Career in Any Economy * * 

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Does Your Resume Pass the 30 Second Test? Liz Lynch Interviews Barbara Safani of Career Solvers (Live Teleseminar)

We got a tremendous response to last week’s teleseminar with success coach Noah St. John, author of The Secret Code of Success. If you missed my interview, you can get instant access to the replay at no charge. All you need to do is register.

This week, I’m delighted to continue my interview series with career expert Barbara Safani, owner of Career Solvers, and author of Happy About My Resume: 50 Tips for Building a Better Document to Secure a Brighter Future where we’ll talk about…


* * Resumes that Pass the Hiring Manager’s 30 Second Test * *

Learn the “Secret” of Success in Life and Business: Liz Lynch interviews Noah St. John, Author of The Secret Code of Success (Live Teleseminar)

Part of being a strong connector in networking is consistently introducing people to others they should know, and The Smart Networking blog is one of the ways I can do that in a big way. Hopefully many of you have “met” my friends Stefanie Smith, Walter Akana, Miriam Salpeter and Michele Woodward in posts I’ve written here in the last few weeks.
I’m taking those introductions to the airwaves and I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be kicking off my 2009 Teleseminar Series with a very special guest, Facebook friend and success coach Noah St. John, author of the brand new book, The Secret Code of Success.
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