Business Development Conference: Join Me March 7th in Raleigh, NC

Business development breakout at the Society for Marketing Professional Services Southeast Regional conference

After presenting to a standing room only crowd at the Pacific Regional Conference last week in Huntington Beach, CA, I’m thrilled to continue my tour of SMPS conferences with my next stop at the Southeast Regional Conference in Raleigh, NC.

If you’re in the fields of architecture, engineering or construction, this business development conference is THE place to be to learn best practices, network with peers and gain the momentum to make 2014 a record year.


Maximizing Conferences and Events: My #1 Strategy (Video)

Maximizing Conferences and Events: My #1 Recommendation for Getting Your Ideal Clients to Come to YOU – Ask Liz Lynch video series

On location in Atlanta (2:54 minutes): Social media is a wonderful tool, but you do need to get out face-to-face once in a while. What’s the best way to maximize your time and effort?

I share a simple but powerful strategy for getting visibility and attracting your target audience to YOU! (Click here to tweet this).

If you enjoyed this video, please comment and share it with friends. Also, feel free to share your favorite tips for maximizing conferences and events!

Beat the Summer Sales Slump

In my last post I talked about how hiding out when conditions don’t seem to be ideal can cause you to lose out on some big opportunities.

Summer is one of those times when it seems less than ideal to do business. The conventional wisdom is that everyone is on vacation so you can’t get their attention and new deals can’t get done.

In 12 years of business I haven’t found that to be the case at all.

Persuade With Purpose

GSBI’m on the West Coast this week where yesterday I had the privilege of speaking at my alma mater in front of 200+ alumnae, students and staff at the Women’s Initiative Network annual conference.

I shared some key principles from Smart Networking and led the entire group through a “progressive networking” exercise that always gets everyone talking, making connections, and feeling confident about their networking skills. It’s one of my favorites!

Then I flew from there to another conference, so I thought it would be apropos to share my latest “Ask Liz” video on my #1 strategy for maximizing conferences and events.

LinkedIn Best Practices: Friend, Colleague or Other?

Quite often I get LinkedIn invitations from people I don’t know personally, and I used to be very stingy with my acceptances.

Everyone uses LinkedIn in different ways, and I like how there are no hard and fast rules about that (even though LinkedIn does advise that you connect only with people you know).

My philosophy a few years ago was that I wanted to link only with people I could recommend without hesitation if one of my contacts needed a referral. For me, that meant that I should know the individual personally and be able to vouch for their work.

7 Steps to Attracting Money Making Affiliates

By Kathleen Gage


[Note: Keynote speaker, business advisor and Internet marketing expert Kathleen Gage is today’s Guest Blogger on Smart Networking. She’ll be here all day, Wednesday, February 17th to respond to your comments and questions on her post. Join in the fun!]

If you’ve been around the Internet for any length of time,
you have likely heard you can make money through Joint Venture partnerships and
affiliate programs. You may already be doing so, but not at the level you know
is possible.

How a Single Connection Can Start a Cascade of Opportunities

Since I announced Network Appreciation Day last week, I’ve
been thinking about who in my network I would write about today.

Personally, it’s difficult to single out any individual because
I wouldn’t be at this point in my business without the help of so many people.
But I do have a special place in my heart for two new friends I met this year,
but feel I’ve known forever: Carrie and Andy Robinson of CRG Leadership

They first contacted me when Smart Networking was released
to invite me as a guest on their Career Wisdom Radio show, and I had a fabulous

Networking at Conferences – Part 3

People have heard me say many times that I tend to avoid networking events. What? A networking expert not getting out face-to-face? Don’t I practice what I preach, especially since the subtitle of my book is “attract a following in person and online?”

Of course I do! I think networking in person is a vital component of every networking plan. And despite the growing popularity of online networking, I don’t believe face-to-face networking will ever go away. Case in point is the number of social media conferences taking place in the world every year. Even people who network online all the time still want to see each other in person!

Why An Enthusiastic Friend Can Be One of Your Most Powerful Networking Assets


Ugly Betty’s Guide to Networking


Networking situations don’t get too much airplay on TV, but whenever they do, I find them to be tremendously instructive. Maybe it’s the novelty, but the writers always seem to do a pretty good job of contrasting both sides of networking — the light and the dark.
In tonight’s episode of Ugly Betty, for example, Betty gets chastised by the head of her Young Editor’s Training program for missing a networking mixer because of a family obligation. She’s told to make 40 new contacts before the next class or not to come back.
I loved the different views about networking around Mode:

Betty: “I showed up to class completely prepared but then she called me out because I didn’t go to some silly networking thing.”