“In Smart Networking Liz Lynch takes the mystery out of building and leveraging effective networks. She gives readers a step-by-step guide to using networking to reach their goals and help others reach theirs too.”
Al Kelly, President, American Express Company

“I love this book! Nurturing relationships is one of the most important things we can do for career management, and Liz Lynch helps us understand the why, how, when and what of networking. Liz’s conversation examples, technology suggestions, and case studies will help anyone network smart!”
Jason Alba, CEO,, 
author of I’m on LinkedIn…Now What??? 
and coauthor of I’m on Facebook…Now What???

“Change is the only constant in life but it’s easier when you can surround yourself with people who can relate to you and lift you up. Smart Networking shows you how to connect with the right people, information, resources and inspiration you need to make positive changes in your career or business.”
Ariane de Bonvoisin, Author, Founder and CEO, First 30 Days

“The foundation of success in all businesses, from the corner store to the corner office, is knowing how to network. Liz Lynch shows how the right blend of in person and online networking strategies can help you build the business or career of your dreams.”
Doug Sundheim, Managing Consultant, The Trium Group

Smart Networking is the type of book you’ll read the first time and nod your head repeatedly. But you won’t stop there. By the second or third pass, you’ll have marked all the pages you know you need to use as guidelines for how to build a better network. Liz Lynch has delivered on her promise. Now, it’s your turn.”
Chris Brogan, [] Cofounder, PodCamp

“In her typical engaging style and clear prose, Liz Lynch makes it easy to realize the importance of networking and how to do it without having a panic attack or resisting unnecessarily. As someone who manages industry trade associations, we know that the power of networking and the skills set forth in this book will get results. Liz demystifies the process for you and gets you plugged in. She makes networking enjoyable!”
Louis Zacharilla, Senior Partner, Alan/Anthony, Inc.
and Co-Author, B2B Without the BS

“As a working professional in the business development side of the media, entertainment, and technology industries, connections and contacts are an important business tool if not the most important. Smart Networking is an invaluable way to understand and navigate this exciting, constantly changing environment. While I am considered an early adopter to online networking, nothing beats a face-to-face connection. Smart Networking explains beautifully how to blend the two to turbocharge your networking results. Everyone from novice networkers to expert connectors can learn something valuable in this fascinating, well-researched book.”
Bill Sobel, Founder/Executive Director NY:MIEG 
and Chief Connections Officer, SobelMedia

“A must read for anyone in business today. Smart Networking readers will benefit from Liz Lynch’s insights and gain a better understanding of the why of networking, in particular the use of social networks. You will understand that by having a presence online, you will move with the times and be part of the new way of doing business.”
Marion Freijsen, Co-Founder, the E.Factor 
the only global community for and by entrepreneurs

“Smart Networking is what all of us should be doing. When I wrote Relationship IntelligenceTM my goal was to get people to become more intelligent about their relationships. That’s what Liz Lynch has done for you in this book. She’s a savvy networker who understands both your feelings and your strategic needs. Follow her advice. You will become more intelligent.”
Jim Cathcart, author of Relationship Selling and Relationship Intelligence