Have questions about making connections and building relationships? Here’s what you’ll find inside Smart Networking by Liz Lynch:

“Do I need to network even if I’m not looking for a job?”
What’s inside: Learn why networking is becoming increasingly important in today’s world and what you might risk if you don’t start now.

“I tried networking before and it didn’t work. How is this approach different?”
What’s inside: Understand what mindset shifts are necessary for effective networking BEFORE you get out there. If you don’t have this down, networking will always be a struggle.

How can I increase the chances of getting the help I need when I need it?” 
What’s inside: Get detailed guidance on the most critical face-to-face networking skills, including mastering the art of “the ask.” You don’t need a large network if you know how to cultivate a responsive one.

“How can I avoid chasing unqualified leads and connect with people already primed to work with me?”
What’s inside: Discover high-impact activities that attract people and opportunities to your door automatically. Networking is easier when people come to YOU.

“How can I cut through all the hype about online networking and find what works?”
What’s inside: Learn which online networking tools to prioritize, which specific features to focus on, and how to evaluate new tools that will continue to crop up.

“How can I fit networking into my life without being consumed by it?”
What’s inside: Get step-by-step instructions on developing an easy-to-use customized game plan for networking that will help you stay on track with your goals. Learn to identify which activities will work best and how to integrate them into your busy schedule.

“How will I know if this stuff will work for me?”
What’s inside: Read examples from Liz’s experience as well as personal success stories from other networkers just like you. With key concepts from the book brought to life in this way, you’ll see that anyone can network smart.