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This month’s Shift…
“Raise the Level of Your Personal Performance and Get More Time Back In Your Day”

Wouldn’t it be great to face your work day with ease, deliver better-than-expected results, and have time to do all you need instead of constantly “fighting fires?”

Are you tired of unproductive meetings and wasteful processes?

Are you overwhelmed and missing important connections?

The key is to create systems for performing important tasks so you can achieve your goals while handling your day-to-day responsibilities.

That is why I invited Dan Markovitz of TimeBack Management to my next Smart Networking Shift call. Dan’s teachings improve individual and organizational performance through the application of “lean” concepts.

Join me as we discuss how you can master his TimeBack Management strategies and begin to get the results you know you have the potential to achieve.

In our conversation, you will learn tips to:

  • Develop more productive habits and eliminate time wasters
  • Set the stage for productive, results-driven meetings that your contacts, colleagues and customers will WANT to attend
  • Improve your workflow and incorporate powerful organizational techniques
  • Systematize your most important tasks so nothing falls through the cracks
  • Make your calendar your ally instead of your enemy

Learn to improve your effectiveness, find greater satisfaction, and increase returns – consistently!

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