Speak to Grow Your Network…and Your Business

When I worked in corporate America as an investment banker, management consultant and in-house business development exec, presenting to senior management, clients or potential investors around a conference table was something I had to do quite a bit and got pretty used to. But standing up in front of a room to present always got the butterflies flapping, and forget about ever getting on a stage!

But a year or two after leaving corporate to start my own business, I picked up a book called Million Dollar Consulting by Alan Weiss, which I highly recommend, and which convinced me to try speaking as a way to market my business and bring in new clients. I took that advice and never looked back.

Why is speaking so effective? Whether you’re a business owner or corporate professional, speaking helps you do 4 important things:

1) Hone and expand your knowledge. To be able to give a 60-90 minute talk, you have to know your stuff. But even more, you have to know how to organize and explain your key concepts in such a way that the audience will walk away with good insights that can help and inspire them.

2) Get in front of your target audience. If you’re a business owner or sales person, giving a presentation in your area of expertise is a great way to attract people already pre-screened to be interested in what you have to say. For example, when I give my talk on“Lead Generation Leverage: Get Maximum Clients with Minimum Effort” I know the people in the room are interested in that result or they wouldn’t be there. Of course I give tons of content, but I also let them know how they can sign up for my Lead Generation Intensive where we spend the whole day mapping out the ideal multi-channel strategy for bringing more qualified leads into their business.

3) Be seen as an expertThere’s a perception that if you’re standing in front of the room conveying important information, you must know what you’re talking about. If you don’t, it becomes apparent right away. But if you do well, you’ll get invited to do it again and again, for that group or others. And the more often you are seen in front of the room, the more people perceive you as an expert AND a leader in your field.

4) Build a powerful networkBecause speaking elevates your status in your field, you’ll find it easier to reach out to other leaders and get a positive response. You’ll also find more people wanting to meet YOU.

Are you a speaker, or would like to be? Post your topic on my Facebook page. I’m always coming across opportunities and would love to know who’s out there in the Smart Networking community that I can recommend.


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