Got Adversity? Learn How to Overcome It as Liz Lynch Interviews Josh Hinds of (Live Teleseminar)

If you’ve read Smart Networking, then you know that the first networking event I ever attended I ran out of the room after 5 minutes completely overwhelmed, and literally hyperventilating. 

While overcoming this challenge initially helped me grow my new consulting business successfully after I left corporate America, what it’s led to since then are incredible opportunities and a second business as an internationally-known speaker, author and coach on the topic of networking. Who knew?

Had I not found a way around that first big challenge, I might have crashed and burned as an independent consultant and had to go back to corporate America. More importantly, I would have never discovered this amazing path of helping others achieve their goals through networking.

“In every adversity we have the choice to remain paralyzed in non-action–neglecting to take the necessary steps that will put us on a corrective path. Or we can choose to take the more proactive approach and ask the question–‘What is the opportunity that is hidden in this challenge?'” 

So says this week’s guest on the Smart Networking Teleseminar series, speaker, author and trainer Josh Hinds of Listen in as we discuss…

* * Embracing Adversity and How Life’s Challenges Can Be Great Teachers * *

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EVENT: Liz Lynch interviews Josh Hinds of
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About Josh Hinds

Josh Hinds is a proven mentor and inspirational speaker. In addition to his well known and constantly growing network of professional development related websites such as,; and, Josh is the founder of and the author or Why Perfect timing is a Myth: Tips for Staying Inspired and Motivated Day In and Day Out!

Josh has been a student of personal development since the age of 15 when he read his first motivational book by speaking legend Zig Ziglar.

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