How to Take Control of Your Career When the World is Spiraling Around You

With so much turmoil in the economic markets, if you’re lucky so far to still have a job in the financial industry, you’re probably concerned about when the other shoe will drop.

While it can be tempting to take cover and hope you’ll survive the storm in one piece, you might consider using this time to bolster your position and try to emerge stronger than before.

If you’ve been out of the networking circuit for awhile, for example, start re-activating your network now, before you might need it. Connect with old colleagues or business partners over lunch. Attend a professional association event and build some new relationships. Polish up your elevator pitch.

Before you get out there, however, make sure you’re mentally strong. Take some advice from executive coach Stefanie Smith who was interviewed by’s Jospeh Pisani for his article Eight Ways to Prepare for a Layoff. She says that while you can’t control the actions of the people around you, you can certainly control your own.

Coach Stef recently published a free report Six Certain Steps to Fortify Your Career in Uncertain Times that lays out a great game plan for building a strong mindset and taking effective action starting from where you are right now.

Don’t count on your boss to keep you motivated during these difficult times. He or she has enough challenges. Instead, motivate yourself through your own momentum.


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